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Below are some resources that may be especially helpful to people wanting to learn some of the history of Citizen Advocacy. The videos below also feature Dr Wolf Wolfensberger, the originator of Citizen Advocacy and Social Role Valorization.

We have also listed here material important in understanding some of the technical detail associated with good citizen advocacy programme practices. This will be especially important to Board Members and Staff of Citizen Advocacy programmes.


We have YouTube and Odysee channels which contain many great videos dedicated to the topic of Citizen Advocacy. Do check them out!

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Reflections on Citizen Advocacy

Reflections on Citizend Advocacy, taken from interviews for an upcoming documentary on Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization.


 Downloadable Documents

Title & Description Author File
CAPE Ratings
The ratings of CAPE (without score pages)
   PDF Article
An Updated Sketch of the Rationales for the Existence and Independence of the Citizen Advocacy Office Wolf Wolfensberger & Mitchel Peters    PDF Article
Assumptions Underlying Citizen Advocacy
A brief outline of some of the most important concepts and assumptions underlying Citizen Advocacy
Wolf Wolfensberger    PDF Article


Seeing Red : From Anger to Advocacy : A Guide to Community Inclusion for All

Transforming Vulnerable Lives

Watch the Advancing Citizen Advocacy Conference

A wonderful amount of richly informative content was presented by many people from across the world at the Advancing Citizen Advocacy Conference, held in Melbourne Australia in February of 2023.

Now, through the efforts of the Citizen Advocacy Trust of Australia, you can watch the presentations from the conference completely free, on YouTube.


Advancing Citizen Advocacy Conference

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